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Project Blackout - test your skills with fast paced action, precision shooting
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SG Interactive, Inc

Project Blackout is an exciting online action game that puts your shooting skills to the test in breathtaking challenges where your goal is to eliminate as many enemies as you can, until the end of the game round.

The game will surely impress you with its user-friendly interface and amazing graphics. You can easily customize the appearance by adjusting the screen resolution, brightness, video color, etc., settings that will improve the video quality of your game. You will also be able to change the player controls, set the mouse sensitivity and many others. In order to play this game you will definitely need a good Internet connection or else you will be disconnected.

Once you configured the settings, you can start creating your character. You will get to choose from two types of players: Aurochs or Acid, and select its equipment, like weapons, knives, grenades, etc. As soon as you are done building your own character, you can apply for joining a clan and start playing against other users.
You will receive dozens of different tasks depending on the mission you choose (kill enemies, plant bombs, etc.) and the more enemies you eliminate until the timer goes off, the higher your final score will get. You can use the points you gain to acquire equipment, predefined characters and many other things.

The game also brings you a built-in instant messenger where you can chat with other users and exchange ideas about your strategy.

This game will surely keep you in front of the computer for hours with its challenging missions and realistic environments.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Amazing graphics
  • Built-in instant messenger
  • Customizable interface


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